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Wave Laser technology

Our Purpose

CureWave Lasers was established in 2015 to serve patients in existing therapy markets with our uniquely developed Continuous Wave laser. 

CureWave believes in providing customers with access to information and quality therapy. This includes equipping medical professionals with the game-changing technology that we have achieved with our Continuous Wave Lasers. Providing access and information to Continuous Wave Laser technology is important to us because of the direct and widely applicable benefits it has been it can bring to patients.

versatile therapeutic technology

Patients and medical professionals alike should have access to high-quality, versatile therapeutic technology, and our CW Lasers make that goal a reality.

We believe in improving your quality of life, and because of the variety of ways that CW Laser therapy can be used on patients, we know that it will benefit both patients and medical professionals financially as well as physically. 

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Core Values

Our Core Values set us apart. CureWave recognizes that technological growth and therapeutic care are dependent on three things:


We want you to see results! That’s why we use the best available technology and research to build our lasers and structure our therapies.

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Your practice or therapy experience should be as useful, quick, and lasting as possible. We design our equipment and technologies with this in mind so that you spend less time on treatment, and so patients can spend more time on wellness.


Our technology is cutting-edge and designed for the highest standard of quality. With our laser technology, your therapy will meet your measure of precision and success.

CW Laser therapy

We Are the CW Company

The technology of laser therapy has finally caught up to the demands of medical requirements and therapy markets. After our research and evaluation process, we created a laser that is strong, fast, safe, effective, and can be used as an alternative to others on the market—the CureWave Laser.

Sports Medicine

Previous technologies in the field of lasers have all delivered the energy in pulses that could only hit the skin in bursts.

Our CW Lasers provide better treatment by delivering effective levels of therapeutic laser energy in a Continuous Wave. With the CureWave Laser, we are finally able to achieve results that meet the medical requirements and demands of the population. 

These philosophies drive our mission to bring medical results to patients and patient providers alike, and we look forward to working with you to make laser therapy technology an accessible and essential part of your system of care.

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Contact Us

To find out more about our equipment or to get started on your Continuous Wave Laser therapy journey today, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at 214-394-8898.

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