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Feet Pain

Proprietary Healing Power with Industry-Leading ROI

The CureWave (CW) Laser System is one such treatment option for sufferers of chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, and sports injuries. By relying on patented and proprietary wavelengths to deliver infrared energy to injured and inflamed soft tissue, our CW laser systems open new doors for patients and providers across the world.

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CureWave Differentiators

Our CW laser delivers relief for chronic pain and nerve issues through proprietary infrared wavelengths. Thanks to these precision wavelengths, the CW beam avoids significant absorption when passing through patient skin (melanin) or fluids (hemoglobin, oxyhemoglobin). 

By defusing the beam profile and distancing it from the skin, the system prevents tissue damage and enables healing at a significantly fast rate. The more treatments your patients attend, the more constant and life-altering their relief.

Increased Healing & Patient Enthusiasm

Since the CW laser can penetrate deeper into the tissue than any other laser on the market, providers are able to repair the entirety of the damaged or inflamed area rather than just the superficial sites.

CureWave Laser advantages include:

Lasers are 10 to 46,000 times more powerful than other lasers on the market
Lasers achieve 7 to 25 times deeper penetration
Laser avoids melanin absorption from predicate wavelengths
Laser avoids hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin absorption by 450% over other wavelengths

Continuous Wave & Smart Power Output

While more powerful and deeper-penetrating than other laser systems on the market today, our CW laser system delivers with the utmost safety for patients and providers. Through a pulsing beam and safe energy delivery system, output is kept below the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) of the Dermis. The TRT dictates the amount of time you can treat at a certain level before risking tissue damage or burns.

By boring into tissue in pulses rather than a steady beam, the energy is delivered safely and effectively, reaching any and all connected tissue in the injured area. Healthy cells are reinforced and any damaged areas are treated for improved healing and recovery.

The Treatment

A single chronic injury typically requires a 10-15 minute session per patient. More extensive injuries or multiple conditions may require up to 30 minutes per patient. Acute injuries may require treatments varying from three sessions per week to as many as two treatments per day, and may be completed within a few days or weeks.

The CureWave laser provides an established treatment protocol for each specified condition. As the treatment begins, the patient will experience a warming sensation in the targeted area. Damaged cells attract more laser energy, and the area where the condition is the worst often heats up quicker than the surrounding tissue.

After each treatment, patients will begin to experience benefits such as:

Less pain

Better range of motion

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Increased abilities

Improved sleep patterns

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Less medications

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Less medications

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Become a Part of the

Chronic Pain Industry

Chronic pain and difficult-to-treat orthopedic conditions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. To become a part of the booming treatment industry, consider adding CureWave Laser Systems to your practice’s offerings. Our patented and proprietary laser technology increases patient satisfaction, practitioner ROI, and the futures of all involved.

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