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A Stronger, Safe and More Efficient Way to Improve Patient Pain and Mobility

There’s no better sense of professional success than receiving your money’s worth in technology. The CureWave (CW) Laser treats such a wide variety of soft tissue issues, and it can be utilized to provide a high return on investment in many different practice areas, such as:

  • Primary care
  • Pain management
  • Orthopedics
  • Sports medicine
  • Neurology
  • Nursing homes/assisted living
Laser Bio-Stimulation Treatment

Years of Research to Help Patients Today

Trained technicians and physicians are able to deliver CW laser therapy in the convenience and privacy of a standard examination room. Your patients will be able to exit the office after the first treatment, already experiencing improved pain levels and increased mobility. When your patients notice the CureWave difference, they’re bound to come back for additional treatments.

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When you incorporate the CW laser into your practice, you’ll find there is more time to schedule a greater number of appointments each week, turning these clients into billable patients. The amount of specialist referrals will diminish, allowing you to continue to treat the patient effectively and keep them on a return basis.

We offer CureWave laser purchases on a trial basis. We’ll provide various video demonstrations as well as in-person educational training to ensure you and your staff are fully equipped with the proper information and techniques. At the end of the trial purchase period, our distributors will discuss payments moving forward.

Doctors Injecting (per MD)Medical Assistant with CureWave
3 – 8.5 hrs/week $900 – $2,550 $45 - $127.50/wk ($15/hr)
Month$3,600 - $10,200$135 - $510
Annual cost$43,200 - $122,400$1,620 - $6,120

*Figures include labor costs only. Cost difference: $41,580 – $116,280

Return on Investment

With the CureWave laser system, you can offer your patients a new course of effective treatment, keeping them in-office and under your care. CW technology increases patient quality of life and loyalty while simultaneously freeing up your staff for other commitments within the same 40-hour work week. 

When you choose to incorporate CW technology into your office, you’re increasing your patients’ quality of life, freeing up staff for other patients, and improving your ROI over other stale and infrequent treatment options. Patients win. Providers win. And the bottom line improves.

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The CureWave Doctor Referral Program

When you purchase a CureWave laser, you can opt into our Doctor Referral Program. Contact us at (214) 394-8898 for more information on this program.

Doctor and Patient

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Increase your revenue and patient satisfaction with the CureWave Laser. Call us today to get started.

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