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A couple of years ago I had so much foot pain from plantar fasciitis from years of Zumba and kickboxing. I tried different arch supports, supports tape, insoles-nothing helped and after each class I suffered with pain for about three days.

About two years ago I heard of this healing therapy (Cure Wave) with nothing to lose I decided to try, not real confident this would do anything. I figured as long as I continued classes, I would continued to annoy my foot. I gotta say, at age 54, I am totally amazed. I only had four treatments and literally have had zero pain for two years now. I continued at the gym with the classes several times a week with no pain. I no longer use the tape, insoles – nothing!

Last year I had shoulder surgery, I had a few visits with the laser to speed up recovery – as I was having residual pain with certain movements. The laser helped here as well!

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