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During my last tour in Iraq, I jumped from a helicopter with my team. I shattered my ankle in a dozen places. When I came home, I was introduced to a exploratory cast at Mass General. The pressure cast worked great for a few months, then it made my ankle worse than the injury. After a half a dozen years of trying to improve my foot and ankle, I was told I can either live with it as is or elect to amputate. I chose to keep my foot and ankle.

My ankle and foot were chronically swollen and had zero range of motion in any direction. My brother in law asked me to try a new technology from a person he knew. They came to my house and as I sat in the chair, foot in usual elevated position, he started treating from my lower leg down to the soul of my foot. After about 10-15 minutes, he asked me to move my foot up and down. Son of a gun it was moving. Much of the inflammation and swelling was gone and my foot was moving. I had to stand up and try to put pressure on it. After not being able to apply pressure on my toes for 6 years, I could not only apply pressure to my toes, but lean forward. The next day I was treated again for 20 minutes and my foot and ankle got better. After the treatments, I was measured and we took 4 inches off the circumference of my heel to instep and I was slowly walking.

Now a year later and I am active and walking without any assistance. Thank you CureWave Lasers.

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