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“To date I have treated hundreds of patients, with a wide variety of conditions and found the laser to be superior in soft tissue healing, neurological conditions, and pain modification. The results greatly outperform any current lasers on the market, and the professional athletes that I work with daily have deemed it the ‘super laser.'”

“The [CureWave Laser] helped me heal quicker and got me back on the field faster…The laser helped me workout at a high level and recover quicker. Not only did the laser help me stay on the field and compete at a high level, it helped in my decision process to further my career.”

I am 76 years old and have been suffering with pain from spinal stenosis.I have had  a series of shots and a number of low power laser treatment with minimal results. Recently, I have had two treatments with CureWave and the pain is gone. Thank you, CureWave.

I was out of work as a carpenter for six years because of a back injury. I tried everything the medical field threw at me with little help. I had terrible pain all the time. When I tried to lift the lightest thing my back would spasm for 3 days. I was told about a laser treatment from a friend and thought I would give it a try. I met Cheryl Haia and found her to be friendly and pleasant. After 3 treatments my pain subsided. After 5 treatments my pain began to dissapear. After 8 treatments I was back to work. I now faced the problem of rebuilding my physiqe due to inactivity for so long. I continued to go back for tune ups until my muscle tone had returned to normal. It is amazing. I have recomended laser therapy to my friends and they all have had great results. Just do it.

I started treatment with Cure Wave and within a year and a half my back is mostly pain-free. I can operate on a normal activity level. I have also had a ripped rotator cuff in my shoulder and anytime I irritate it, I can get laser on it and within 15 seconds of getting the laser treatment, it no longer hurts.  I can’t explain it well but it works! My best friend has been diagnosed with a bunch of cancerous cells on his body and the laser treatment has put every single one of them that we’ve treated into remission. His doctors can’t explain it and I make no claims of curing anything but every little bit matters to a veteran when it comes to eliminating the pain.

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